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Careers in Logistics sector-How to build a solid one in short time

Career in Logistic sector This article is dedicated to the most active job hunters, and between lines, you will get a clear answer on:   How to grow your chances in logistics sectors? Well, this is not easy to do and more than that, knowing that logistics sector needs are specials and very different to the others sectors, well, Don’t worry, I have a good news for you:  by the end you will get all what you need, let’s start;   As in all other job sectors, logistics has a big part in job hunters eyes, one of the main reason behind will be the huge activities and the different actors needed to make it up. So, if you really are interested to grow your chances in logistics sectors then you might be asking yourself the following:

Logistics FAQ-Frequently asked questions in logistics.

Frequently asked questions in logistics.
In this article, i will summarize and give the best  suitable answers to the most FAQ related to logistics: this may concerns:definitions, guidelines, politics, strategies, techniques, methods and and different other subjects.
Before looking for answers, let's see how a question rise in logistics regardless the beginning circumstances.
The same question can involve logistics Concepts, but this has been already explained-check our this articles- Most frequently calledexpressions in logistics sectors:
This is basically a theoretical backup that, as a professional in logistics sector, you should know.
First, keep in mind that people are judging you based on your knowledge’s but as they might not have enough time to make tests for you then all what they need is to hear you talking logistics; then you get to options: you can choose to talk normally and leave chance to decide on people how they will see you or you may choose to indirectly prove …

JIT-just in time-

All what you need to know about JIT- or just in time- in logistics.
Before go deeply, note that JIT is not a 100% Logistics mothed as it can be applied in wherever optimization advantage is quiet considered, from business deals, passing by manufacturer needed to the daily task in normal !
How to define the JIT or just in time method ?
How to put in place the JIT or just in time method ?
How to measure your JIT or just in time method practices ?


All what you need to know about the Kanban method.  The method can be applied in several sections from the whole supply chain logistics, and each positions has its particular specification that need to be respected in order to achieve the best advantages expected from this method!  In this article, you will have a clean and clear explanation related to the below questions: How to simply define the kanban method?  How to take decision of the kanban method can be applied or not?  and how to put in place the kanban method ?

Logistic Engines and Structures

All about Logistic Engines and Structures.
In this articles i will summarize a detailed list that contains all different engines and structures used in logistics sectors.
The article will contains an answer to the below questions:
What are the logistics needs in term of engines and structures ?
What the difference engines used in logistics activities ?
How structures are defined in logistics ?

Logistic Dashboards

All about Dashboards in logistics.  In this articles you have a complet clarification related to dashboards in logistics. through two steps: The first one will be dedicated to dashboards after answering questions like:  What are dashboard?  How to build it ? and to make it running after time and variation (update) ?  The second part will focus on: the combination of dashboard and logistics, and their child: indicators: What are indicators, How select it and how optimize it the maximum possible ?  What are the most SMART indicators in logistics?  How to build a dashboard to track your logistics indicators ?

Online logistics tools

All about the online logistics tools.
online tolls are one of the best new way to optimize the daily tasks, let study the case and figure out how this will impact logistics sector. in this article you will have a clear idea related to logistics tools in particularity the online ones, but before going deeply, let's answer the below questions:
What do we mean by online logistics tools ?
How using online logistic tools will be one of the best practices for professionals ?
How take the most possible advantages of online logistics tools ?

Logistic management

All about Logistic management !
This is almost the top topics to be discussed while the logitics matter are involved,
The key t success any departement depend to how much the management is mastred so before asking question kind of , what happned, start by what the management says about that, because of it criticity we will go deeply with this subject and we will give it a shoot to explain is as well as it can be, the question we will reply in this part will be related to :
What role the manegent ply in logistics ?
How deeply can management be involved in logistics daily task ?
How management build a spy informational flow between services ?
What are the blackwhoole for management in logistics ?
How management in logistics can live better under any circonstance ?

Key uses and IT support

All about Key uses and IT support in logistics department!
As it is the case for the different departement, the logistic departement need her Key uses and IT support to ensure that the it logistic infrastructure is working correctly, there is a very sensitive subject to explain here related to the EDI and logistic as it represents one of the very axes that logistic required to guarantee a good communication with differents involved actor especially customers, suppliers and others, but let focus here of the hottest topic by answering the bellow questions:
Why there is a a need to a key user or IT support in logistics?
How a well IT infrastructure helps logistics to be at the top ?
What kid of support are required to a key user within the daily logistic task ?


All about purchasing!
Since the beginning the purchasing services is dedicated to the highest and strategic conclusions in logistics but that depends to the position that has  this  purchasing service, is it in a local logistic department or in the global logistic direction ?
To understand that, let's answer the below questions :
What do we mean by purchasing ?
What is the difference between purchasing and procurement ?
What are the different task associated to purchasing ?


All about planning! planning!
The planning,  production planning and finish good plannings are referring to the same skill or task which is translating the customer orders to a manufacturing orders  and then to an outbound schedule. So in order to give a complet explanation to this lets proceed by answering the below questions:
How to define the planning ?
Is there a difference between planning, production planning and finch good planning?
How to describe the daily task for a finish good planner ?

Inventory control

All about Inventory control !  In logistics sectors, there are a lot of actors that work in the shadow, their role is unavoidable, some are new, others are old as long as the logistics seincess, one of this actors is: the inventory controller: his main activity will be making sure that all logistics components are present and they are work as well as they are theoretically expected, lets study the inventory controller works by answering the below questions :  What do we mean by inventory controllers? What are the mean tasks for inventory controllers ? How the inventory controllers work is influencing the global logistics indicators ?


All about warehousing!
In this article you will learn all about warehousing including the important role that warehousing has in the logistics supply chain. to understand this, we will study the warehousing by dissecting the warehouse inputs and the warehouse outputs passing by explaining all about warehouse. so:
How to define warehouse and what are the similar concept ?
What are the warehouse customer and how the input flow is managed ?
What are the warehouse suppliers and how the output flow is managed


All about transportation:  In this article we will talke about three transportation axes: transportation, transit and costum clearnance. The transportation is a general term that covers several subterms-mentioned above-, and in order to give a quiet complet explanation let's study the transportation subject in two sections:  The first one will focus on definitions and theoretical explanation like:  How to define Transportation ?  How to define transit ?  What do we mean by costums clearnance?  In the second part, we will go deeply with our transportation study, by answering the below questions : What is the transportation role in the supply chain logistics ?  What is the relationship between transportation , transit and custom clearance ?  What are the document and the actions requested by the above relationship between transportation, transit and custom clearance ?

all abour procurement, and supply analyst duries, as the most critical actor in the logistics supply chain

All about procurement !
As one of the most critical supply chain logistics parts that need to be well understood in order to take the most advantages possible that logistics allows.
In this article you will get a complet explanation related to procurement including how procurement interacts with the other logistics chain parts. The answer you will get replying to the below questions: What is procurement ?
How procurement impact logistics chain components?
What are the procurement actors ?
What are the daily task for a procurement actor ?
Learn all about Procurement and supply chain analyst. The person that take this position is called a supply analyst, a supply chain analyst, a stock control planner, a procurement planner, procurement agent, raw material controller…and more different nominations that cover the same position.  For this articles we will call it a supply analyst.