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Careers in Logistics sector-How to build a solid one in short time

Career in Logistic sector
This article is dedicated to the most active job hunters, and between lines, you will get a clear answer on:  
How to grow your chances in logistics sectors?
Well, this is not easy to do and more than that, knowing that logistics sector needs are specials and very different to the others sectors, well, Don’t worry, I have a good news for you:  by the end you will get all what you need, let’s start;  
As in all other job sectors, logistics has a big part in job hunters eyes, one of the main reason behind will be the huge activities and the different actors needed to make it up. So, if you really are interested to grow your chances in logistics sectors then you might be asking yourself the following:
  • How professionals succeed in their logistics career?
  • What are their means focusing to achieve their goals?
  • What are the limits that professionals are facing in logistics sector?
The purpose here is helping you to be able to put in place your shortcut to go street toward the highest goals you can ever reach in your logistics Career!
Definition of career
Meaning of Career

How to prepare yourself for a logistics job interview ?
First, when you are talking about the skills and the abilities that you need to have for a specific sector, you need to see thing from the recruiter eyes as the final decision will includes his feeling as well! That’s why in this article I will involve the below factors:
  • How to prove you are the right person for the requested post.
  • How to give the right impression to the recruiter.
But before let’s talk about the phase before you will be applied for the job interview: how to increase your chances to have a job interview calling? It is simple: here below the top five actions you need to do:
  • You need to keep your eyes open by expanding your professional network.
  • Subscribe to companies pages on social networks, WebPages, YouTube channels, newsletters.
  • Follow CEO, managers employs on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter…
  • Customize your curriculum vitae (cv) and letter of application.
Then once you will be applied for a job interview, a very hard work  you need to star in order to prepare yourself, but let me make easy for you, all what you need to do is follow the below steps and you will be alright:
  • Prepare a summary about your academic background.
  • Prepare short description to the current job: the company, the position, and your biggest achievements and then short answers to the most asked question during the interview –see below-
What are the top ogistics job interview questions and answers
Within the job interview you will be asked the following:
  • Talk a little bit about yourself.
  • How did you get notified by this position.
  • List your previous preoccupations.
  • What are your weaknesses and strengths
  • You are willing to leave your current job.
  • What are your salary expectations.
  • Are you a team player or you work alone.
  • How your coworker describe you.
  • How pressures and stressful situations impact you.
  • What can you add to the company and why we are in need to your skills.
  • What make you different to others.
  • What do you know about the company.
  • Why are you interested to the company.

One last thing: prepare two or three questions to ask the recruiter for and be ready for tricky or stressful question, but be confident and don’t hesitate to ask for a paper and pen if you will be in need to, Good luck!


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