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Stock or inventory concepts theoretical and practical implications definition

all about Stock or Inventory concepts
In this article, I will give the idea behind the Stock concept, so the peeling will be like the following:
Before going deeply, note that in this article we refer only to physical or virtual stock (inventories) as our studies are related to Logistics sciences in first place.
  • What is the most complete Definition for stock or inventory?
  • What is the deference and the relationship between stock and inventory?
  • Some history of the stock or inventory nomination.
  • What are the close familiar concepts called stock?
  • What are the most frequent stock categories?
Each answer you got is not 100 % the ultimate one as, in logistics, concepts are subjectively seen but you may be add your own background to the information you find here and then you got the right conclusions, let's start:  
How can we define stock?
A set, whole, an ensemble, a series, a collection of goods, Items, articles or objects putted in a specific place called, generally, warehouse, in way to be available for consumption or transformation by time.
Close familiar concepts called stock
Close familiar concept called stock are most of those close concepts are coming especially from the financial market dedicated essentially to the investment studies, but still have connections to logistics, we talk here about:
The stock market
The stock exchange
How stock has got this nomination?
A brief explanation on how stock got this name, and what gave it the value it has.
What is the deference and the relationship between stock and inventory?
Stock and inventory have different meaning but a strong relationship, simply is like the following: the stock refer to all stock categories including inventories but inventory refer basically to good that are planned to transformation or consumption while stock glob also the finish goods and all what is dedicated to selling 
What are the different types of stock?
Let’s refer here to the main stock categories and a short definition of each one, but this will be general as a logistics categories definition depends to the type, size, market, categories of the organization you are talking about.  In a specific organization, we need to understand that the part component might take the whole below nominations successively, in other word; each category refer to a specific phase during the life cycle of an article
  • Stock minim,
  • Stock maximum,
  • Stock alert,
  • Safety stock,
  • Final stock,
  • Dynamic stock,
  • Unrestricted-use stock,
  • Scrapped stock,
  • Blocked stock,
  • Blocked Stock in reception waiting for confirmation, quality checking and storage,
  • Blocked stock between warehouse and other location,
  • Blocked stock between locations,
  • Blocked stock between locations and expedition warehouse,
  • Blocked stock awaiting for collection procedure
  • Stock in transit
The article is updatable, please come across again !


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