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Most frequently called expressions in logistics sectors:

Most frequently called expressions in logistics sectors:
In this article I am collecting the most called concept and expressions in logistics and also a short explanation for each one. This will helpful for both beginners and professional as for the first one the purpose will be introducing what they will face in this sector while for professional the goals is standardizing definitions for better usefulness.
This post is updatable regularly so please revisit it again from time to time and you will get almost all what have been produced as expressions, actions and concept in logistics words up to present.

Glossary of transportation, Logistics, supply chain
Raw materials:
Raw materials movement:
Supply pipeline:
Logistics indicators variations:
Identifying logistics KPI:
Continuous improvements:
Databases management:
Spreadsheet analysis:
Organization objectives:
Increasing cash flows:
Inventory turns:
Customers’ satisfaction:
Employing productivity:
Logistics cost:
Analyze and interpret relevant MRP data (requirements variations, consumption, components behaviors, etc.):
Requirements variations:
Components behaviors:
Develop and create performance follow-up reports:
Monitor contract compliance by carriers and other logistics service providers in term of cost, quality and timing:
Coordinate delivery schedules and all inbound - outbound activities:
Ensure nonstop supplying of production lines through the FIFO and KANBAN systems on daily basis:
Reduce the risk of breakage by daily exchanges with suppliers-forwarders:
Investigate problems, analyze root causes, and develop action plans:
Supply chain analyst and stock controller planner:
Handling and controlling over than 800 different components:
Periodically planning replenishment, forecasting and re-scheduling:
Suppliers’ windows:
The continuous analysis of consumption and inventory level variation:
Logistics KPIs follow-up, analyzing-interpreting and improving it:
Developing dashboards (delivery planning, delivery incidents and premiums):
Transit monitoring and shipment trucking from its pickup to reception:
Continuous update reporting to management stuff and team:
QMS (quality management system), introduction to logistics, the supply chain management, warehousing and transportation:
Prospecting new costumer for the consultancy:
Formalizing appropriate applications related to logistics services:
Attending workshop:
Logistics and transportation management:
Production and logistics management:
Inbound-outbound logistics:
The logistics consulting 'approaches and practical tools:
Optimizing the production lines' bottlenecks:
Optimizing wastages and assessment of logistics cost:
Mm procurement: parameterization, schedule replenishment, ordering, EDI release:
Wm warehouse management, inventory movements checking, DOH analysis:
Extensive excel and pivot table development experience, macros programming, graph designing and strong skills in maintaining accurate multiple spreadsheets:
Reports extracting, setting and controlling MRP parameter (safety time, time fence period, firm-forecast zones, transit time…):
Warehouse management systems: FIFO follow-up, calculation of stock min and stock max, critical part alarming, stock level reporting, inventory indicators calculation:
Global logistics:
Supply chain logistic:
Facility management:
Site operations control, project management:
Resource management:
Warehouse management and packaging:
Just in time (jit):
Kpi logistics reporting:
Monitoring of logistics costs:
Operational indicators control:
Costumer demand increase-decrease:
Requirement variation evaluation:
Inventory level:
Performance improvement:
Production planning:
MRP scheduling:
Inventory controlling:
Production planning:
Inbound-outbound planning:
Purchasing and sourcing:
Demand planning: 
Cost reduction:
Continuous improvement:
Contract negotiations:
Customer service:
Customs compliance:
Kanban system:
Materials planning:
Multi-ocean-air-land freight planning:
Procurement process improvement:
Shipping & receiving planning:
Tariff rating & traffic:

Transit follow-up:


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